5/3/2018 Ken Penny Timely service... truck runs great again!!
Ken, thank you for the review you left, our aim is to hit the mark with the servicing of your vehicle. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call. If you find any of your friends or neighbors or family having vehicle concerns please pass our name along. Our business only thrives when we continually provide quality service at fair pricing. Thanks Again, Doug Briggman - Fisher's Auto Care
5/1/2018 Joel My wife and I were traveling to Clearwater from Ohio and our car overheated and the fan went out. We called Fisher's Auto an hour before they were closing and they still got us in. We are grateful for the quick service and their willingness to work on our car so close to closing time.
Thank you for the kind review. Fisher if possible will always go the second mile to help those in need. In your case we are so glad we could provide you with the service you needed. Hope all went well on your trip. If you need anything in the future please let me know. Thanks, Doug - Fisher's Auto Care
4/28/2018 Always friendly fast service!!
Thank you ANONYMOUS for your kind review. it is appriciated, please pass us along to your neighbors and friends. Thanks, Doug - Fisher's Auto Care
4/25/2018 Carolyn Zuech Too much 5 star the best No more!!
4/21/2018 Lillian Camacho Great customer service, they work on a timely matter and are very courteous
Thank you Lillian for the nice review, I will always be there to answer any questions you might have. Please tell your friends and neighbors about us we will always struve to meet or exceed your expectations. Thanks Again, Doug - Fisher's Auto Care
4/20/2018 Gayle Louderback The man that helped me was very courteous and listened to my concerns. He was very helpful and fixed my car problem and the price charged was very good. I give you all 5 stars.
Gayle, Thank you for the great review. Working with you and your Lexus was a please. Its not oftern we can handle a customer effeciently and at a good price. Im glad it worked out that the repair was a minor on. Thank you again, if you have the occation to recommend us rest assured that I will strive to keep them as happy as you. thanks, Doug - Fisher's Auto Care
4/17/2018 Sonja Haught Fast and efficient. Thank you for explaining the problem and showing me how to fix it!
Dear Sonja, It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you. As a service advisor we ususlly give unpleasent news regarding peoples vehicles. In your case it was a pleasure to tell you that there was nothing wrong. Thats what were here for is to determine issues and layout a pathway to repair. If we can be of further service to you please don;t hesitate to call. Feel free if you have the occation to pass our name around to your friends and neighbors, we will not let them done and use the same professionalism to assist. Regards, Doug - Fisher's Auto Care
4/11/2018 Robert Lankow Nice job. Truck runs great.
Robert L, thanks so much for your very kind review, I'm certainly glad we met your mark and repaired your vehicle . In service doing a job right and timly is really what its all about. If you have occation to pass our name to your friends and neighbors we would be gratful and give them as we gave you world class service. Thanks Again, Doug Briggman - Fisher's Auto Care
4/9/2018 Sakina Gonzalez Thank you
3/30/2018 David Boston very happy with your work
Dear Mr & Mrs B, thank you for the wonderful review. I'm happy that you were pleased enough to leave such a kind review. As your aware any serviced ended business can only grow through customer referals. I you have occation to pass our name along rest assured we will strive to make sure your friends or relitives are cared for as we did with your vehicle. Again thanks, Doug - Fisher's Auto Care
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